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Green Lantern (New 52)
#1 Error (Recalled)

DC Comics, November 2011.

Recalled 1 Star Rating: Common 10,001-100,000 Common

On September 15th (2011), DC received reports of a printing error on the front cover of some copies of Green Lantern (New 52) #1 (ref: JUL110218). The flaw appears to be an irregular green loop ("tear drop" shape) and seems to have affected 10-15% of the initial print run.

Green Lantern (New 52) #1 Error (Recalled)

DC recalled the copies with the printing error and replacements were available through Diamond on October 5th (2011) a week before #2 was due for delivery.

Green Lantern (New 52) #1 Error (Recalled) Tear Drop Error

The error issues are widely available and can be picked for a couple of dollars over the cover price.

Green Lantern (New 52) #1 Error (Recalled) CGC

Green Lantern (New 52) #1 Error / Recalled Edition:
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