Turtlemania Special #1 and variants

Metropolis Comics/Robert Wilson (self-published), 1986.

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Collectability: 5 stars Turtlemania Special #1 Gold edition

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Collectability: 4 stars Turtlemania Special #1 Silver edition

...autographed back:

Blank filler Turtlemania Special #1 Silver edition back

By 1986 "Turtlemania" had truly taken off from the humble beginnings two years earlier with TMNT #1 and it's initial first print run of 3,000 copies. This inspired Robert Wilson, owner of Metropolis comics, to create a one-off special with original material generously donated by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. These comic books contain previews and previously unseen artwork, including a Bob Burdon pull-out poster in the centerfold depicting the TMNT, Flaming Carrot and Cerebus!

Turtlemania Special #1 Centerfold

There are three variants of this comic book: the regular edition with a white cover; the silver edition with a grey cover, autographed on the back; and the gold edition with an orange cover. The gold variant is the rarest of the three, which sold out almost immediately with an incredibly low print run of only 10 issues, each having an original sketch and autograph on the back, plus at least one sample copy:

Turtlemania Special #1 Gold 1-10

Above are pictures of #1, #2 (now graded CGC 9.2), #3 (see note below), #4, #6 (CGC 9.2), #8 (CGC 9.4) & #9 (CGC 9.6).

Note that there seems to have been 2 known sample copies with multiple covers. One of them, initially denoted as "Sample" and "00", seems to have been converted to #3 of 10 and has a sketch on the back of the inner cover of the TWO (!) gold covers (it also has a Silver and White cover as well). This copy also includes text stating this is #3 with what appears to be Robert Wilson's signature (and it has been notorized so appears to be authentic). This is very curious and may indicate that the original #3 was maybe damaged and replaced by this one. Below is the second (outer) back cover for the sample/#3 (note: image has been photoshopped a little to square it up):

Turtlemania Gold #3 Sample 00

The other sample edition appears to have one of each of the covers with a Gold cover on the outside, silver then white. These sample copies were likely to have been originally produced by Metropolis to promote the comics.

Anyone with pictures of any of #5, #7, or #10 or any more infomation on these please get in touch via the eMailUs page.

The regular cover edition is widely available so can be picked up at a reasonable cost but both the silver edition and the gold edition are incredibly rare, with the gold almost impossible to find.

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