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Grendel #1 and Primer #2

Comico, 1983 (Grendel) and 1982 (Primer).

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Grendel #1

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist. Grendel 1 Comico 1983
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Primer #2

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist. Comico Primer 2 Grendel First Appearance

In the epic story of Beowulf, from an Old English poem set in Scandinavia, Grendel is taken by many to be some kind of man-eating monster, possibly a descendant of the biblical character Cain (who commits the first murder and is sometimes seen as an ancestor of evil).


In comics, Grendel first appeared in Comico's Primer #2 (after appearing in an advert for the issue in Primer #1) written by Matt Wagner, with a second appearance (and origin) in Grendel #1, also by Comico. The Grendel covered in these earlier stories is Hunter Rose, a youthful genius who wrote novels by day and ran a criminal empire by night.

Grendel seems to be a satanic spirit of aggression or evil, which consumes those who are possessed of it. Whilst Hunter Rose is the first Grendel Wagner depicts, there are hints of others in times gone by.

Comico was founded in 1982 but it struggled and, within 8 years, it faced bankruptcy, eventually expiring later in the 1990's. These comics came early in Comico's existence and the print runs were very low (although it is very difficult to pin down actual numbers hence some educated guessing was applied in the quantities quoted).

Below is an old ordering information sheet, circa 1982:

Comico Ordering Infomation

Although rare, there are usually a few of these comics available on eBay at any one time.