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Action Comics #869 Recalled

DC COMICS, November 2008.

Recalled 3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

This is the penultimate issue of the Brainiac Story, recalled by DC Comics for cover content. The cover depicts Superman, in civilian attire with his 'S' shield clearly visible, and his adoptive father outside the Kent farmhouse sharing a beer (or maybe a root beer).

Action Comics 869 Recalled Beer Edition.jpg

DC issued a statement to retailers that the issue was recalled, and that any copies featuring the original cover be destroyed. The next week, DC reprinted the issue featuring a cover in which the label on the bottle was changed to read "soda pop".

Around 1,000 issues of the first print are thought to exist making it rarer than Elseworlds but not demanding anywhere near the same prices (possibly a good investment if you can get hold of a copy).

Action Comics 869 Recalled Beer and Soda Pop

The image above shows the bottles on both the second "Soda Pop" variant and first (recalled) edition.

Below is the top half of a CGC graded comic showing the text 'Recalled due to beer label on cover', which is noted for these rare issues (along with the 'Recalled Edition' next to the grade at the left hand side of the label).

Action Comics 869 Recalled CGC Cover Top

Action Comics #869 Recalled
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