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Avengers vs Infinity #1 Recalled variants

Diamond Codes: SEP150730 & SEP150731 ; In Shops: 2015-11-04 ; SRP: $5.99.

Marvel Comics, November 2015.

Guide: $10 NM
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Regular Cover

1 Star Rating: Common 10,001-100,000 Common

Avengers vs Infinity #1 recalled regular cover

Guide: $50 NM
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Lim 1:25 Variant

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Avengers vs Infinity #1 Recalled Lim variant cover 1:25

Early days on these two but they are already verified as recalled with retailers being advised to remove the following from shelves:

  • Avengers vs Infinity #1 (UPC 7596060828100211) #1
  • Avengers vs Infinity #1 (UPC 7596060828100221) #1 Ron Lim 1:25 Retail Incentive Variant

The comics were misprinted with the very last page of the fourth and final story, "Night of the Living Dead", missing (hence the story is incomplete):

Avengers vs Infinity #1 Recalled Storey incomplete - no last page

Diamond are looking to ship the replacements out during the week of November 25th with the missing page below (spoiler alert!) from the digital edition :

Avengers vs Infinity #1 Missing Page

For the moment the regular copies seem very easy to come by; the variant is a little harder but copies are out there.

Avengers vs Infinity #1 Recalled Lim variant cover 1:25

Avengers vs Infinity #1 Recalled: Right now on eBay