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Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer?
2014 Recalled Edition TPB

DC COMICS, March 2014.

Recalled 2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer TPB 2014 Recalled Missing

The initial printing of the 2014 Trade Paper Back (TPB) of Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? was a bit of a mess with sequencing problems within the collection and two whole issues were missing.

Once the problems were noticed, Diamond Comic Distributors issued the following recall to retailers, on behalf of DC:

"Retailers, DC Entertainment has learned that the BATMAN: BRUCE WAYNE: MURDERER? TP NEW EDITION was printed with errors. DC is currently prepping new, corrected copies of this title that will include DETECTIVE COMICS #768 and BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #29. In addition, the running order of the contents will be corrected and the table of contents will be updated. DC asks that you destroy all copies of this title currently in stock, and that you accept returned copies from your customers".

The corrected edition was distributed a couple of months later in May 2014; this has the same barcode but the back cover lists the additional issues included in the collection. Back cover comparison:

Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer TPB Rear Covers

Note: there was an earlier edition of the TPB in 2002 (shown first above), with a slightly different back cover layout and much reduced content. Below is a comparison of the portions of the back covers of the 2014 recalled and corrected editions highlighting the differences in content:

Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer TPBs 2014 Recalled Comparison

The table below shows the issues contained in each of the various editions (note: there are 3 prints for the 2002 edition but the content is the same; another print also exists in the UK, produced by Titan Books and has a Titan logo in the top right instead of the DC logo):-

Issues Included in TPB2014
Batgirl (2000) #24
Batgirl (2000) #27  
Batman (1940) #599
Batman (1940) #600
Batman (1940) #601  
Batman (1940) #602  
Gotham Knights #25
Gotham Knights #26
Gotham Knights #27  
Gotham Knights #28  
Gotham Knights #29    
The 10-Cent Adventure #1
Birds of Prey (1999) #39
Birds of Prey (1999) #40
Birds of Prey (1999) #41  
Detective Comics #766 
Detective Comics #767 
Detective Comics #768    
Detective Comics #769  
Detective Comics #780  
Nightwing (1996) #65
Nightwing (1996) #66
Nightwing (1996) #68  
Nightwing (1996) #69  
Robin (1993) #98
Robin (1993) #99

The TPB is not a widely collected recalled comic at present and the prices of the two 2014 editions tend to be similar (many sellers and buyers may be unaware of the differences and the recall).

Batman: Bruce Wayne - Murderer? 2014 Recalled Edition TPB Right now on eBay