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w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled Editions:

Image Comics, April 2023 (in-shops: 2023-04-12)

Guide: $8 NM
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Regular Fernando Blanco Cover A:

Recalled 1 Star Rating: Common 10,001-100,000 Common

w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled Edition: Regular Fernando Blanco Cover A

Guide: $25 NM
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Bill Sienkiewicz Incentive 1:25 Cover D:

Recalled 2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled Edition: Bill Sienkiewicz Incentive 1:25 Cover D

Guide: $40 NM
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Aaron Bartling CBNS Edition:

Recalled 3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled Edition: Bartling CBNS Edition

These editions of the comic were recalled due to printing issues on the covers being too dark and missing some of the detail. On cover A there's a dead body on the floor that can't be seen in the recalled edition:

w0rldtr33 #1 Regular Fernando Blanco Cover A: Corrected vs Recalled Edition

On cover D, by Bill Sienkiewicz, the figure lacks some detail:

w0rldtr33 #1 Bill Sienkiewicz Incentive 1:25 Cover D: Corrected vs Recalled Edition

The CBNS Bartling cover also suffers from being a little too dark in the recalled edition:

w0rldtr33 #1 Aaron Bartling CBNS Edition: Corrected vs Recalled Edition

Diamond Comics emailed retailers about the problems with the two Diamond distributed copies (covers A and D) informing them to destroy any misprinted copies and replacements were apparently sent out on April 26, 2023. It's also not clear if all retailers received the misprinted copies but they seem plentiful on secondary markets such as eBay.

w0rldtr33 #1 Interior Sample: Credits

In 1999, Gabriel and his friends discovered the Undernet, a secret architecture to the Internet. They charted their exploration on a message board called W0RLDTR33. Then they lost control. Someone broke into W0RLDTR33-someone who welcomed the violent hold the Undernet had on them. At great personal cost, Gabriel and the others thought they sealed the Undernet away for good. They were wrong. And now they will know the meaning of PH34R.

w0rldtr33 #1 Interior Sample: Page 6

The next major horror outing from multiple Eisner Award-winning writer JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, The Nice House on the Lake) and FERNANDO BLANCO (Detective Comics), along with Eisner-winning colorist JORDIE BELLAIRE and Eisner-nominated letterer ADITYA BIDIKAR, begins here!

w0rldtr33 #1 Interior Sample: Page 17

Below are some of the other Diamond editions, including the second print (there was also a third print):

w0rldtr33 #1 Other Diamond Editions

Below are many of the comic shop variants and comic con editions:

w0rldtr33 #1 Other editions

At the time of writing, in mid-June 2023, the CGC Census recorded:

  • 168 gradings for the "Recalled Edition" (with 147 in the top grade of 9.8)
  • 74 gradings for the "Recalled Edition/Variant Cover D" (with 72 in the top grade of 9.8)
  • 1 gradings (grading 9.8) for the "CBNS Edition/Recalled Edition"

w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled editions: CGC labels

At that same time, the CBCS Population report recorded seven gradings of the "Error Edition" (one in the top grade of 9.8) - this is presumably the regular Fernando Blanco (Cover A).

w0rldtr33 #1 Interior Sample: Page 29

w0rldtr33 #1 Recalled Editions:
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