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Errors/Rumoured Comic Recalls

The list below contains comics that have been rumoured to have been recalled, error editions (which generally have corrective reprints) and also other comics with content that has been interpreted as controversial such as nudity (which generally have corrective reprints).

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Venom Lethal Protector #1 Error

Below are some other known comics with minor errors (without corrective reprints):

  • Amazing Spider-Girl #19; Marvel Comics, June 2008: #17 on cover (standard cover only - Secret Skrull Variant ok)
  • Double cover; a number of comic issues have been produced where individual comics are manufactured with more than one cover (sometimes up to six covers!).
  • Manufacturing errors; as well as the common errors listed here, comics have been produced with missing logos, incorrect dates, incorrect numbers, missing holograms and other errors such as binding errors.
  • Pages out of order; a number of less well known (or less publicised) comics have been produced with pages out of order, duplicate pages or even with pages upside-down.
  • Rock N' Roll Comics #9; Revolutionary Comics, March 1990: #7 printed on inside cover

Please eMail us if you find any more (include any infomation sources, where available e.g. links to web pages).

Spider-Man Reign #1 Nude variant