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Action Comics #309 - JFK

DC COMICS, February 1964.

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In one particular story in this issue, President John F. Kennedy helps Superman retain his secret identity, by posing as Clark Kent while Superman saves lives.

Action Comics 309 Superman Kennedy

The issue hit stands the week after Kennedy's assassination, much to the alarm of DC Comics, as it was too late for recall.

Although Kennedy makes an appearance, prices are nothing special for this issue which had a full distribution at the time; they are fairly easy to source, with a quick eBay search usually yielding a few copies for sale (note: they are around 1.5 times more expensive than the issues around them).

Action Comics 309 Cover

Below is the original art for the cover by Curt Swan, inked by Sheldon Moldoff, which sold for over $110,000 in late 2013:

Action Comics #309 Cover Art
Action Comics #309 - JFK
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