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Superman #75 Error Variant:
Misnumbered #74

DC Comics (National Comics), published Date: March-April 1952.

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Superman #75 numbered 74 Error Variant

Superman #74 (below) was distributed in late 1951 with a published date of Jan-Feb 1952. However, in early 1952, #75, with a cover by Al Plastino, was initially distributed and mis-numbered as #74 (above), possibly confusing some readers.

Superman #74

Sometime during the print run, DC (National Comics) corrected the key/black plate and subsequent covers were printed with #75 as the issue number:

Superman #75 Both Variants: numbered 74 and numbered 75

As the indicias are no different on the two versions, both CGC and CBCS decided (very annoyingly) to group the versions together, despite the obvious error on the initial print run: CGC states "Version misnumbered #74 on cover exists" and CBCS states "2 versions exist. 1 with #74 on cover". However, CGC also seem to also have this as completely separate issue in their census: Superman #75 (74) with the text "Misnumbered #74 on cover" so a few of the misnumbered copies are separated out but hard to spot in the census due to the issue number 75 (74) and not being grouped as a variant of #75. This is all a little messy and does not mirror other misnumbered error variants such as Action Comics #223 Error Variant (misnumbered as #233), which is a variant of #223 in the census.

It is unknown how many of the misnumbered error variants were printed, distributed or exist today but they certainly seem to be a small proportion of the overall population of #75.

Superman #75 Error Variant:
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