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Web Of Spider-Man #100 Foil Error

Marvel Comics, published date: May 1993.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

This is manufacturing error where some of the comics lack the green holo-grafx foil on the cover:

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Printing Error: No green holo-grafx foil

Below are the direct and newsstand editions showing the green holo-grafx foil plus an Italian edition with the same cover art:

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Sample Editions

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Splash Page

The US bumper edition included not one but two stories!

  • My Enemy's Enemy ...,Pt. 4 of 4: Total War, written by Terry Kavanagh with art by Alex Savilik
  • The Origin of Nightwatch, written by Terry Kavanagh with art by Derek Yaniger

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Nightwatch

The first story introduced "the All-new, All-daring Spider-Armor!" (which was also featured on the cover).

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Spider-Armor

At the time of writing, in mid-May 2023, the CGC Census recorded 24 gradings of the "Printing Error" variant with four in the top grade of 9.6 (near mint plus). Note that some were also graded under the normal edition stats but on qualified labels, however, it is unknown how many of the 22 were for the printing error (Qualified also covers other manufacturing errors, as well as unwitnessed signatures).

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Printing Error: No green holo-grafx foil CGC label

Note that it is unknown if CBCS have recorded any gradings in their Population Report (there is no separate Error edition noted).

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Interior sample: KA-BOOM!

It is unknown how many copies of the comics were affected by the error, it is certainly likely that this was more than 50 and maybe more than 100 (it was certainly enough for CGC to separate it out as a variant rather than mark them all as Qualified/Manufacturing errors).

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Interior sample: Total War

Web Of Spider-Man #100 Foil Error:
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