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Iron Man #19 Error Variant

Marvel Comics, November 1969.

1 Star Rating: Common 10,001-100,000 Common

Iron Man #19 (1969) Error Variant: manufactured with a yellow O in the logo

This is the original first print US edition of Iron Man #19, produced in error with yellow color in the center of the "O" in the Iron Man logo.

Below is the corrected US edition with the red coloring in the "O" to match the other letters of the logo and the UK edition (the cover of which would have been printed last, hence there are no UK logo error variants):

Sandman #1 Purple CGC Label

There are numerous error editions in circulation and these seem to be more common than the corrected editions hence it is likely that the error was noticed well into the print before being corrected, however, the original error copies were still distributed (so were not pulped or recalled). CGC don't categorize the error separately hence any comics graded will be a mixture of error and corrected editions (however, they do recognize the U.K. priced editions as separate variants). CBCS have six gradings recorded against Iron Man #19 and it is likely they would follow a simiar approach to CGC.

Iron Man #19 Credits

This issue was drawn by artist George Tuska (with inks by Johnny Craig) and a script by Archie Goodwin.

Iron Man #19: Interior Sample #1: Heart Condition

Is this the end of Midas and Madame Masque? Or Iron Man? Or all three?

People gathered outside Municipal Hospital awaiting Stark's fate, including Janice Cord, Alex Nevsky, Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts, are informed by Captain America that the operation was a success: Stark will live. Unhappy to hear this, Midas tells Madame Masque they must alter their plans. Awoken by Dr. Jose Santini, Stark is told his heart's new synthetic tissue is working fine, but to avoid unusual stress. Returning to his company pondering Iron Man's future in light of Santini's advice, Stark is abducted by Madame Masque and taken to Midas, who demands that Stark sign his fortune over to him…

Iron Man #19: Interior Sample #2: Beauty

Iron Man #19: Interior Sample #3: Red Pants

Below is some of the original interior art for the comic:

Iron Man #19: Interior Sample #4: Original Interior Art

Below is a recreation of the cover by the original artist George Tuska:

Iron Man #19 Cover recreation by the original artist George Tuska

Iron Man #19: Right now on eBay (Look for the yellow "O")