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Magnus Robot Fighter #57 Error Switched Pages

Magnus Robot Fighter #57 Switched Pages

Valiant Comics, November 1995.

1 Star Rating: Common 10,001-100,000 Common

In the initial printing of this comic an error lead to the center 4 wraps of the issue being switched with the first 4 wraps after the cover.

The issue was subsequently re-printed with the pages manufactured in the correct order.

The error edition has an ad for Conjure Magazine as the first page instead of the start of the story by Keith Giffen. Below is a photo of the inside cover of the error edition:

Magnus Robot Fighter #57 Page Order Error

The corrected edition, below, shows the start of the story, with artwork by Claude St. Aubin and inks by Ken Branch:

Magnus Robot Fighter #57 Corrected

The number of error issues is thought to be the same as the corrected reprint, which was an estimated 27,500.

Magnus Robot Fighter #57 Page Order Error CGC

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