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Wolverine #75 Hologram Error

Wolverine #75
Distorted Hologram
Error Variant

Marvel Comics, November 1993.

4 Star Rating: Super-Rare! (11-100 copies) Super-Rare!

Where something is added to a comic, there is always a small probability that something will go wrong like the foil errors seen on Silver Surfer v3 #50. In this case we have a problem relating to the hologram attached to the cover.

Almost all the holograms normally look yellow, green and/or blue when the comic is moved around with the hologram looking something like below:

Wolverine #75 Sample Holograms

However, a number of comics with distorted blue holograms seem to have been produced and these have made their way to collectors.

Wolverine #75 Broken Hologram

On the error copies, the hologram is almost entirely blue no matter which way it faces and there is also a lack of 3D effect; these have likely come from a bad batch of holograms.

There are a handful of these around but buyer beware as many of the normal copies can also look blue so it is always best to get photos of the comic from a number of different angles, as well as confirming with the seller that it is a genuine error copy.

Wolverine #75 Hologram Error

CGC have graded at least one of these (note the label is a blue Universal label rather than a green Qualified label) and the distorted hologram is noted on the label as follows:


Note that there seems to be at least one copy with no hologram at all but there seemed to be a small amount of damage where the hologram should have been indicating it may have come off or was removed. Another had the hologram on upside-down: this may also have been another production issue that missed the quality control or someone may have removed and inverted the hologram.

Wolverine #75 Hologram Upside Down

Wolverine #75 Hologram Error variants:
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