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Mighty Thor #700 Zdarsky Back Cover Error Variant

Marvel Comics, published Date: December 2017.

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Mighty Thor #700 Zdarsky Error Variant

This is the Chip Zdarsky "How to Draw Mjolnir" cover (Diamond code: AUG170856; barcode: 7-59606-08774-7-70091) that was in shops on 2017-10-18.

Mighty Thor #700 Zdarsky Error Variant: Back Cover

This error variant was printed with the back cover (above) intended for Spider-Gwen #25 Unknown Comics Variant C (barcode 7-59606-08313-8-02591), which resulted in the issue having two different barcodes, one on the front and one on the back.

Spider-Gwen #25 Unknown Comics Variant C and Zdarsky variant

Above are Spider-Gwen #25 "Unknown Comics Variant C", which the back cover was intended for and also used for, and also, interestingly, the "How-to-Draw Spider-Gwen" variant also by Chip Zdarsky.

Both Spider-Gwen #25 and Mighty Thor #700 were released at the same time (2017-10-18) but it is unclear whether the error was in the source files for the comics (provided by Marvel) or some sort of printing error but maybe the former has the higher probability (i.e. someone who was meant to add an advert mistakenly added the back cover for the Spider-Gwen variant instead).

Note that a couple of websites list a corrected variant but none can be seen on secondary markets such as eBay, they may exist but maybe all copies have the error...

Mighty Thor #700 Interior Sample #1 She Hulk!


The final judgement comes as the Mangog arrives! The War Thor will meet the beast head on. But even the bloodthirst of this Ultimate Thor may pale in comparison to the might of the Mangog! The battle rages as Jane's cancer takes a turn for the worse, and she might not have to wait for the final judgment at all. The clock is ticking, and no hammer can save her this time. It's the beginning of the end that will lead to the most dramatic return in the Marvel Universe!

Mighty Thor #700 Interior Sample #2 Dark Galactus

This issue was written by Jason Aaron with interior art by: Russell Dauterman, Walter Simonson, Olivier Coipel, Chris Burnham and James Harren.

Note that the Adam Hughes 1:100 variant is also featured on this website.

Mighty Thor #700 Interior Sample #3 Hela

At the time of writing, in late June 2023, the CGC Census recorded 29 gradings (19 in the top grade of 9.8) for the "Zdarsky Variant Cover" with key comments reading "Manufactured w/back cover intended for Spider-Gwen #25 Unknown Comics variant".

Mighty Thor #700 Zdarsky Error Labels: CGC and CBCS

At that same time, the CBCS Population report recorded eleven gradings of the "How To Draw Mjolnir" Variant with seven in the top grade of 9.8 (near mint / mint).

Mighty Thor #700 Interior Sample #4 Mjolnir

Thor #700 Zdarsky Error Variant:
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