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Spawn #1 Error Variant:
No black ink on cover

Image Comics, published Date: May 1992.

4 Star Rating: Super-Rare! (11-100 copies) Super-Rare!

This is manufacturing error where no black/key ink was applied:

Spawn #1 Error No Black Ink

It is worth noting that there are other copies where there is uneven black on the cover and below is a comparison of 4 different price boxes where there are different levels of black ink applied:

Spawn #1 Error No Black Ink Comparison

The total lack of black ink is a lot more obvious on the back cover below:

Spawn #1 Error No Black Ink Back Cover

Looking at the center of the back cover for comparison, below are copies with different levels of black ink. The first one is a "normal" copy, the two in the middle have uneven levels of black and the last one has no black ink at all:

Spawn #1 Error No Black Ink Back Cover Comparison

Where there is still some black ink present, the label text differs slightly between the two major grading companies as follows:

  • CBCS: Manufacturing Error: Manufactured with very weak black ink strike on cover
  • CGC (Qualified Grade): Manufacturing Error: Manufactured with uneven black ink on cover

There will certainly be some interest in the error copies with varying amounts of black ink but the copies with no black ink at all on both front and back covers will undoubtedly demand the higher prices, however, very few of these have come to market hence prices could be varied and possibly very high.

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Spawn #1 Error Variant
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