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Silver Surfer v3 #50
Foil Error Variants

Marvel Comics, June 1991.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

This foil embossed comic seems to have suffered more than most with multiple problems with the heat stamping process.

The two pictures below show the foil being offset: the first shows the foil stamped to the right of where it should have been and the second is also offset to the bottom of the comic.

Silver Surfer #50 Foil Errors 1-2

The two comics below show different errors: the first looks like the foil itself has not advanced enough from the previous stamping leaving an area, without foil, in the shape of a surf board at the top of the comic; the second is a newsstand copy with what looks like no foil at all.

Silver Surfer #50 Foil Errors 1-2

As well as errors with both the newsstand and direct first print editions, errors have also been seen with the second print as well:

Silver Surfer #50 Foil Error 3 Second print

It is worth noting that the surfer is different in the comics above with a thick outline in one but not the other hinting that maybe there was a three stage process or changes were made during the print run.

With the exception of the foil-less copies, these are not going to be particularly valuable but could certainly be worth more than the standard edition to the right collector. The foil-less copies are more interesting and one did sell in May 2014 for around $70 in Very Fine minus (7.5) grade and that was a second print!