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Fashion Beast #1: New York Cover

Avatar Press, August 2013.

Guide: $150 NM
Created: 26
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4 Star Rating: Super-Rare! (11-100 copies) Super-Rare! Fashion Beast #1 Lettered Edition
Guide: $8 NM
Printed: 1,500
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(Not lettered)

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist. Fashion Beast #1 New York Cover variant

Avatar released a special "New York Cover" edition of Fashion Beast #1 for the New York Comic Con (NYCC), in 2013, which was restricted to 1,500 copies.

For the London Super Comic Con (LSCC), Avatar offered 26 special "lettered" copies of the NYCC variant for £65 (around $105 at the time). These were signed by none other than Alan Moore (who wrote the story as a screenplay back in the 80's with Malcolm McLaren) as well as Antony Johnston (who adapted the screenplay for the comic) and artist Facundo Percio, who also gave each copy a unique sketch.

Apparently half the lettered editions were available prior the LSCC, reserved by email (and mailed out), and the other half were available at the con.

Each of the 26 signed/sketched copies came with a certificate of authenticity and each was identified by a unique letter of the alphabet.

Fashion Beast #1 Lettered variant Certificate

Below are the covers for letter "X" and letter "N":

Fashion Beast #1 Lettered variants X and N

CGC have graded three copies of the NY edition and all are qualified (green label) so are all likely to be lettered editions (at least one is confirmed and graded at 9.8, qualified with 3 unwitnessed signatures and a sketch), however, note that other non-"lettered" copies were also signed (but these lack Alan Moore's signature and the certificate).

CBCS now offer a verified signature program but, as there are three signatures involved here, it would cost an additional $65 just to verify the signatures (then the grading and shipping costs would need to be added to this). Once verified and encapsulated the comic would be given an orange (verified signature) label (as opposed to a yellow label for witnessed signatures).

Since 2013, only a few of these have come up for sale and the majority were sold in the U.K. with realized prices ranging from £80 to £150.