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Guide: $200 NM
Printed: 69
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Vampirella Strikes (Vol.2) #1 Manara Virgin Cover

Diamond Code: JUN131102 ; ISBN/UPC: 7-25130-20060-0-01121 ; SRP: $100

Dynamite Entertainment, published date: January 2013

4 Star Rating: Super-Rare! (11-100 copies) Super-Rare!

Vampirella Strikes Volume Two #1 Manara Virgin Cover

"Fearful that her monstrous nature is taking control, Vampirella takes solace in some extreme violence, and conversation, all topped off with a nice glass of Merlot, in a Boston tavern overrun by the demonic in the first part of this six issue story. Living in a world of growing supernatural threats, Vampirella never knows what she will be facing from one moment to the next, but what she finds waiting for her in her Boston Brownstone when she returns from a night of hunting is the most unexpected of all. Angels of Heaven sent by God . . . and they want Vampirella to work for them.".

The comic featured here is the "High-End Milo Manara Virgin Art Ultra-Limited Cover" with "ONLY 69 COPIES IN EXISTENCE". The cover art is also used on the regular Mino Manara variant, which is the first comic of the three shown below:

Vampirella Strikes Volume Two #1 Manara Standard Cover,

The latter two comics above are the Michael Turner Blood Red Ultra-Limited Cover ("ONLY 100 COPIES IN EXISTENCE!") and the Mike Mayhew Blood Red Ultra-Limited Cover ("ONLY 50 COPIES IN EXISTENCE!"), which also have very limited numbers but the Manara virgin variant seems to be the one to have piqued the interest of collectors the most and is demanding the higher prices.

The "Ultra-Limited" Manara variant originally came bagged and boarded with a sticker on the front stating the print run, a seal on the back and a certificate of authenticity:

Vampirella Strikes Volume Two #1 Manara Virgin Cover comic bag, seal and certificate

The seal bears the Dynamite Entertainment initials:

Vampirella Strikes Volume Two #1 Manara Virgin Cover Comic Bag Seal

The certificate repeats the statement around the print run of only 69:

Vampirella Strikes Volume Two #1 Manara Virgin Cover Certificate

In late April 2018, realized sales of the Manara Virgin Cover variant were double that of the original suggested retail price (SRP) of $100.

Vampirella Strikes (Vol.2) #1 Manara Virgin Cover:
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