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Miracleman 3-D in 2-D !

Eclipse Comics, December 1985.

4 Star Rating: Super-Rare! (11-100 copies) Super-Rare!

Miracleman 2-D Advert

The standard version of this comic was produced with 3-D effects by Ray Zone (and included 3-D glasses) with a print run of around 40,000. However, readers could send away for a limited edition 2-D version, which was produced with a black and white interior, costing more than twice that of the 3-D version ($5.00 vs. $2.25)!

This limited edition was intended for anyone suffering from similar conditions to Cat Yronwode, the then Eclipse editor, who could not see the 3-D images properly. Other Eclipse 3-D titles were also similarly produced and available in 2-D, however, the Miracleman 2-D remains the key rare collectible from all the Eclipse titles.

As well as being made available mail order at the time when the 3D version was distributed, the 2D variant was also available as a back issue. In February 1986 the then Eclipse Offices in Guerneville, California were partially flooded with up to two feet of water (and they were on the 2nd floor!) during a deluge that saw the Russian River break its banks causing a full evacuation of the town. Some back issues were destroyed but, once Eclipse got back up and running, the 2D variant appeared again in the back issue stock later that year hence they probably all survived the flood (unlikely such as small print run would be re-printed after already selling a number of copies). In any case by late 1988 they were all showing as sold out and it is assumed, for the moment, that all 100 made it out into the hands of collectors.

Miracleman 2-D Sold Out

Below is 23/100, which, at the time of writing, is one of only two CGC graded copies (both 9.0). CGC denote this as the "2-D Variant" and the CGC label also states "Manufactured with black & white interior". The label text reads: "Cat Yronwode" & "23/100" written on 18th page in marker". Curiously the other CGC graded copy has the text "Cat Yronwode 7/100 written on 9th page in pen" so the signatures seem to be on different pages but this is likely to be a CGC labelling error (the pages were not numbered and maybe CGC forgot to count each side of each page for 7/100!). This is not the only error on the label as the cover is painted by UK artist Mick Austin (re-printed from Warrior #07) and this is also noted in Miracleman #6 (the artist is definitely not Terry Austin).

Miracleman 2-D CGC 9.0

The majority of comics are signed by Cat Yronwode and individually numbered; the existence of both 7/100 (in the hands of a U.S. collector) and 92/100 (in the hands of a U.K. collector) suggests most were sold, unless they were sold in a completely random sequence (which is unlikely but at least one number, 23, is known to have been requested). In September 2013 one copy turned up on ebay without a signature or numbering, hinting that either all 100 were not in fact signed or more than 100 were produced. Cat Yronwode apparently stated later that there could have been an additional overage of 5-10% (which was normal) and 2 of these unsigned/overage copies went to MSU (but appear to be missing/stolen now).

As well as being in 2-D black and white, the limited edition also featured an additional editorial by Cat Yronwode explaining details about her various eye conditions that lead her to commision the 2-D version both for herself and others who cannot see 3-D effects (this page is the one that is signed and numbered, not the inside of the cover).

Below is a photo from the additional editorial page, showing the signature and numbering:

Miracleman 3-D in 2-D signature and number

Interestingly, this issue is largely comprised of reprinted stories from the UK Quality publication Marvelman Special #1, which was produced in black and white 2-D!

Marvelman Special #1

In May 2013, the CGC 9.0 (VF/NM) 23/100 copy sold on Comiclink for an astounding $2,511 plus fees! The unsigned/unnumbered copy (maybe grading around VF+) sold for just over $670 in September of the same year.

Warrior #7 Cover Art Mick Austin reprinted on Miracleman 3D 2D #1

Above is the original cover art (Warrior #7 and Miracleman 3D/2D #1) that apparently sold on, in February 2015, for $15,375!

Miracleman 3-D in 2-D Right now on eBay