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Comic Smorgasbord #1

Cacophony Comics, Published date: October 1994.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Cacophony Comics October 1994

Transformer Saga: "The War is Over…The Party Has Just Begun"

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Cacophony Comics October 1994, back page

The Autobots hold a concert on Cybertron to spread the message of peace to all life forms but, when the Decepticons crash the party, it turns into a potential massacre, a deadly struggle with the fate of the universal coexistence hanging in the balance.

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Interior first page: 2005

This comics was produced by David Kolodny-Nagy for the first convention dedicated to the Transformers: BotCon 1994.

BotCon 1994 Official Program Cover

The comic was one of several exclusive items available at the convention that also included a Decepticon Breakdown toy, below:

The whole comic (32 pages) was written and illustrated (sketched and scanned) by Kolodny-Nagy with the main interior story title shown below:

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Interior story: War Is Over

At the time of writing, in mid-July 2021, there was only a single grading recorded in the CGC Census at 9.8 (near mint / mint) and none were recorded in the CBCS Population report.

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Interior card and Sixshot

CGC key label comments for the comic are: "Gold foil logo., Trading card insert included." - above is a photo of the comic with the "Trading Card" attached to the interior of the book.

Comic Smorgasbord #1 Gold Foil Logo

Comic Smorgasbord #1
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