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Mighty Avengers #3 Salvador Larroca Eminem Variant

Marvel Comics, Published date: January 2014 (in shops: 2013-11-06).

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Mighty Avengers #3 Salvador Larroca Eminem Variant cover

This is the "limited" Eminem Salvador Larocca variant cover of Mighty Avengers #3 (Diamond code: AUG138281 ; barcode: 7-59606-07959-9-00331).

Mighty Avengers #3 Intro and Credits


The Blue Marvel joins the fight - and the Ebony Maw makes his move! A plague of demons is raging through Manhattan, and the only Avenger who can defeat them is... Spider Hero? What? Seriously, who is that guy?

Mighty Avengers #3 Interior sample - Hurt

Mighty Avengers #3 Interior sample - Nasty

The comic was written by Al Ewing, with interior art by Greg Land, who was also the cover artist for the regular edition (below left):

Mighty Avengers #3 Other Covers - regular and 1 in 50

There were two other covers for this issue (above) with the regular edition (Diamond code: SEP130668) and the 1:50 retailer incentive variant, with a cover by Ronald Wimberly (Diamond code: SEP130669).

Mighty Avengers #3 Interior sample - Shut Up

Oddly there was a communication from Diamond suggesting this variant was cancelled but it seems to have been widely available hence seems to have been a post-distribution cancellation (and the variant was removed from their previews website):

The Avengers #23 Eminem Variants INF (Reg./Sketch: AUG138279, $3.99 / AUG138280) and Mighty Avengers #3 Eminem Variants INF (Reg./Sketch: AUG138281, $3.99 / AUG138282) have been cancelled and will not be resolicited.

Eminem's Childhood home abandoned and set on fire

The Larocca Edition has been noted as a "Marvel Custom Solutions" variant and hit the shops November 6, 2013, a day after the release of Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, shown below. The cover features a picture of Eminem's childhood home, which was damaged by fire the same month the album hit the shops and was demolished in 2014.

The Marshall Mathers LP2

In mid-April 2021, CGC recorded 197 gradings of the "Larroca Variant Cover" in their census, with 130 in the top grade of 9.8 (near mint / mint).

Ursa Minor#5 Sanders Art - Bathory

At that same time, CBCS recorded thirteen gradings of the "Eminem Variant" in their population report, with eleven in the top grade of 9.8.

Mighty Avengers #3 Interior sample - Disappointing

In early 2021, copies of the variant were going for $70-$140, with 9.8 graded copies going for $300 plus. over $200.

Mighty Avengers #3 Larroca:
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