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Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 Jenny Frison Variant

Devil's Due, published date: July 2008 (in shops 2008-07-30), $3.50.

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Frison Cover Variant

Over twelve centuries ago, the galaxy's best minds secretly bridged magic and science to create a mighty warrior Voltron, their only hope of salvation from the Drule Empire. This is that story, kicking off a brand new epic miniseries spanning through both space and time.

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Frison Variant Back Cover

Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 was written by Josh Blaylock with interior art by Mike Bear.

The comic featured here (and shown above) is the Jenny Frison cover variant, one of five available through Diamond Comic Distributors; the other four are shown below:

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Other Covers

From left to right, top to bottom these are:

  • Cover A by Tim Seeley
  • Cover B Josh Blaylock
  • Cover D EJ Su
  • Cover E Previews Exclusive Foil Cover (by Tim Seeley)

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Frison UPC

Above is the UPC from the back cover of the Frison variant, which is identified as "COVER C", with a barcode of 8-82142-00164-6-00103.

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Interior Panel

At the end of 2018, the CGC Census had 8 gradings recorded for the "Variant Cover C" edition with 1 in the highest grade of CGC 9.6 (Signature Series) and none in 9.8, which is unusual for a modern collectible.

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Frison CGC Label

Expect to pay between $100 and $150 for a copy of the Cover C variant, with NM (Near Mint) copies selling at the higher end of that range.

Voltron: The Legend Forged #1 Frison Cover Art

Voltron: A Legend Forged #1 Frison Variant
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