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X-23 (2010 series) #1
1:25 and 1:75 Retailer Incentive Variants

In Shops: 2010-09-15 ; 40 Pages ; SRP: $3.99

Marvel Comics, November 2010.

Guide: $1,000 NM
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#1D Dell'Otto
1:25 Variant

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist. X-23 #1 Gabriele Dell'Otto 1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant Edition
Guide: $800 NM
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#1C Djurdjevic
1:75 Variant

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare X-23 #1 Marko Djurdjevic 1:75 Retailer Incentive Variant Edition


X-23 #1 "The Killing Dream, Part 1" had five different covers as follows:

  • 1A (Barcode: 00111; Diamond: JUL100635): Regular Luo cover
  • 1B (Barcode: 00121; Diamond: JUL100509): Women Of Marvel cover
  • 1C (Barcode: 00131; Diamond: JUL100636): 1:75 Marko Djurdjevic Variant
  • 1D (Barcode: 00141; Diamond: JUL100637): 1:25 Dell'Otto Variant
  • 1E (Barcode: 00151; Diamond: AUG108114): 2nd print Conrad Cover

Whilst the 1:75 Djurdjevic variant is the rarest of the retailer incentive variants, the pick of the bunch is the 1:25 retailer incentive cover by Dell'Otto featuring a posing, leather clad, X-23 with claws at the ready:

X-23 #1 Gabriele Dell'Otto Variant Edition CGC

For the Dell'Otto cover, CGC had 45 recorded gradings in May 2016 (with 32 at 9.8, including 2 signature series); for some reason the Djurdjevic variant is called "Variant Edition" in the census and there were 28 recorded gradings (19 at 9.8 including 1 signature series) at that time. The "Women of Marvel" variant cover is also listed in the census but, just to confuse things, CGC have an entry in the census for "Variant Cover", which could be the regular Lou cover (or some mix up).

High grade slabbed copies of the Dell'Otto variant are seriously expensive; In May 2016, CGC or CBCS graded 9.8 copies were going for $1,200 or more, with authenticated signature copies going for $1,500 or more!

X-23 #1 1:25 and 1:75 Variants:
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