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Iron Fist #14 35¢ Price Variant
First appearance of Sabre-Tooth

Marvel Comics, August 1977.

Marvel 35 Cent Variants 3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Iron Fist #14 35 Cent Front Cover

Between June and October 1977 Marvel experimented with a 5¢ price increase, similar to what they did the previous year (with the increase from 25¢ to 30¢), but with an even smaller test market.

Iron Fist #14 35 Cent Price Issue Date Box

Star Wars #1 35¢ is probably most highly prized 35¢ price variant but the much rarer Iron Fist #14 35¢ also attracts a lot of interest, having the first appearance of the infamous mercenary Sabre-Tooth. (Note: there is also the Captain America #212 35¢ Error Variant that sits between the two in terms of value).

Iron Fist #14 35 Cent CGC Label

Near the end of 2016, CGC (see label extract above) had only 46 recorded gradings of the Iron Fist #14 "35 Cent Price Variant" with none grading higher than 9.6 (the regular 30 cent had 3,116 gradings recorded with 143 in the highest grade of 9.8).

Iron Fist #14 Cover Art

In November 2016, a 35¢ CGC 9.4 went for an amazing $8,365 on Heritage Auctions and on ebay a CBCS graded 9.0 made $3,550 in the same month.