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Doom #1

GT Interactive Software, May 1996, 16 pages.

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Qty: 10,000?
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2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist. Doom #1 ID Anthology variant 1996
Guide: $100+ NM
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3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare Doom #1 Convention Giveaway 1996


Doom #1 is an over the top homage to the pioneering first person shooter (FPS) PC game of the same name. It was, according to the splash page, written by Steve "Body Bag" Behling & Michael "Splatter" Stewart, with art by Tom "Gallows" Grindberg.

Doom #1 Splash Page

Trapped on Mars and surrounded by demons, one lone space marine takes it upon himself to punch, shoot, decapitate, chainsaw and vaporize everything in his path while in search of the perfect gun.

Doom #1 Thingies Panel

There were two different editions of the comic produced: A giveaway edition, available from a gaming convention, and a variant included with the ID Anthology.

Id Anthology set 1996

Id Anthology was an incredible box set of 19 Id games (including the classic Doom, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake amongst others) and also included "The Book Of Id", t-shirt, Cyberdemon figure, phone card, two dog tags, poster and of course the comic. Websites suggest that 10,000 copies of the Anthology were produced for world-wide distribution.

Doom #1 Differences: issue number in italics on convention giveaway variant

The convention edition of the comic has been noted as the first print and was available at a convention in 1996, possibly the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 1996 in L.A., although Id didn't seem to have their own stand so it may have been given out from the Microsoft stand or a different convention such as QuakeCon (although attendance for that was only around 100). If anyone can confirm the convention these were given out at, please get in touch.

In terms of differences in the two editions of the comic, the earlier convention edition has the issue number in italics and the "warning" text at the top was not (the Anthology edition was the reverse of this). The convention edition also seemed to be printed on different whiter paper and the cover colors looked a little paler according to the Doom Wiki; adverts also differ between the two.

Doom #1 Need a Big Gun

Unusually, at the time of writing (late December 2018), CGC did not seem to have any copies of either edition of the comic registered in their census. Some of this may be in part down to the more common anthology variant being a gaming collectible as well as a comic collectible.

Doom #1 BFG9000

Below is a larger picture of the ID Anthology variant with the "warning" text at the top in italics:

Doom #1 ID Anthology Variant