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Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-man #2 Chromium Cover (Reprints Spider-Man #1)

Marvel Comics, 1998.

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-Man #2 (1998)

This is Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man #2 from 1998, which reprints Spider-Man #1 from 1990, retaining the same classic Todd McFarlane cover in chromium. The back cover also features the chromium treatment, with Spider-Man in his black costume:

Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-Man #2 (1998) Back Cover

These are not quite as rare as Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man #1, which reprinted Amazing Spider-Man #300, however, they were a limited item with sources reporting there were "7,500 Produced".

Spider-Man #1 (1990) Cover Art by

It is worth noting that the chromium reprint does not have an issue number on the cover and it can be confused with #1 (the number of the comic it reprints), however, CGC, CBCS and most websites have this denoted as #2.

Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-Man #2 (1998) CGC Label

Another point to note is that the published date of #2 (usually found in the indicia) is seemingly before #1 according to the CGC records:

Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-Man (1998) CGC Census

At the end of November 2017, the CGC census had 429 gradings recorded for this chromium edition with an astounding 5 graded at 9.9 (mint minus) and 5 at 10.0 (gem mint) reflecting the quality of the cover.

With the art from the original Spider-man #1, the 90's chrome treatment and the limited print run has lead to demand for these and they are, unfortunatley, not so cheap to obtain.

Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-man #2
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