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Daredevil #600 Frank Miller Remastered Variants

Marvel Comics, published date: March 2019 (in shops: 2018-03-28).

Guide: $90 NM
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Color 1:500

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare Dark Red #1 Shannon Maer Comic Mint Virgin Variant B
Guide: $125 NM
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Sketch 1:1000

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare Dark Red #1 Shannon Maer Comic Mint Virgin Variant A


MAYOR FISK Conclusion!


Daredevil can see the new mayor's machinations coming together...but is he in time to stop them? Guest-starring both the heroes and villains of the New York City streets...this oversized anniversary issue has a surprise ending that will shake the city to its very core! Plus: a look at Foggy & Matt's relationship over the years!

Daredevil #600 Diamond Covers

Above are nine covers available through Diamond Comic Distributors for Daredevil #600. These are (preceded by the barcode suffix and Diamond code):

  • 60011 / JAN180911: Standard Cover by Dan Mora
  • 60021 / JAN180912: 1 in 50 cover by Alex Ross
  • 60031 / JAN180917: Trading Card John Tyler Christopher
  • 60041 / JAN180914: Leinil Francis Yu cover
  • 60051 / JAN180915: Frank Miller Remastered color 1:500
  • 60061 / JAN180916: Frank Miller Remastered sketch 1:1000
  • 60071 / JAN180917: Trading Card John Tyler Christopher
  • 60081 / JAN180919: Blank cover
  • 60091 / JAN180918: Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Road to 100 Variant by Daniel Acuña

Daredevil #600 Other Covers

Above are a bunch of other variants that were also available (preceded by the barcode suffix):

  • 60017: Scorpion Comics Exclusive John Romita Sr.
  • 60018: Scorpion Comics C2E2 Virgin Variant John Romita Senior (back cover and front)
  • 60019: Exclusive cover A, by Joe Quesada
  • 60020: Exclusive cover B ("Classic"), by Joe Quesada
  • 60022: Exclusive cover C ("Virgin Art"), by Joe Quesada
  • 60023: Adi Granov Exclusive
  • 60024: Adi Granov Black Costume Virgin Variant
  • 60025: 023 Adi Granov Exclusive Virgin Variant

Daredevil 600 Sample Panel #1

The comics featured here are the Frank Miller remastered variants available as retailer incentive variants with ratios of 1:500 for the color variant and 1:1000 for the black and white variant. Both comics feature the same art originally pencilled by Frank Miller and inked by Klaus Jansen.

Daredevil 600 Sample Panel #2

As of mid-June 2019, CGC had 35 recorded gradings of the color or "Remastered Edition" with 17 in the top grade of 9.8 (near mint / mint). At that same time, the had 25 gradings recorded for the "Remastered Sketch Edition" with 16 in the top grade of 9.8 (near mint / mint).

Daredevil 600 Sample Panel #3

Below is the splash page from Daredevil #165 (July 1980), the underlying art from which was the basis of the Frank Miller remastered variants:

Daredevil #165 Splash Page Frank Miller

Daredevil #600 Frank Miller Remastered Variants:
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