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Sailor Moon #1 SDCC and #11 SDCC

Mixx Entertainment, 1998 & 1999

Est.Qty: ???
Guide: $525 NM
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#11 SDCC 1999

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Sailor Moon #11 SDCC 1999 Club Tokyo Pop Exclusive

Est.Qty: 2,000
Guide: $375 NM
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#1 SDCC 1998

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Sailor Moon #1 SDCC 1998 2,000 copies

These are the 1998 and 1999 SDCC variants of Sailor Moon #1 and #11 with story and art by Naoko Takeuchi.

Sailor Moon #1 Intro Panel

#1 blurb:

The Phantom Champion Of Justice, Sailor V, script by Naoko Takeuchi and Stu Levy, art by Naoko Takeuchi and Kiyomi Fukuyama; The legendary Sailor V joins the team in her new identity of Sailor Venus; Darien struggles to regain his memories of his lost love. And Kunzite puts his plans for the final defeat of Earth into motion.

Sailor Moon #1 Regular Edition and Second Print

Above are the regular edition of #1 published in November 1998 and the second print published in May of 2000.

Naoko Tajeuchi SDCC Smile Magazine Dec 1998

Above: Naoko Tajeuchi appeared at SDCC 1998 for the first two dates of the convention in August 13-14 and was featured in Smile magazine published in December of that year.

Sailor Moon #1 SDCC CGC Label

At the time of writing (in early November 2021) the #1 "Convention Edition" had 27 gradings recorded in the CGC census with three in the top grade of 9.8 (near mint / mint).

Below is the regular edition of Sailor Moon #11, published in October 1999:

Sailor Moon #11 Regular Edition

The Black Moons plot to take over the world continues as they abduct Sailor Jupiter. During their attack, the Black Moon drops a Black Poison Crystal earring whose power rivals that of the Silver Imperium Crystal. Rini seems to be the only one who can help save the world and the captured Scouts. What secrets does this mysterious little girl hide and why is she the key to Earth's survival?

Sailor Moon #11 Splash page

The SDCC foil variant of #11 was available at SDCC in August of 1999 but this one was an exclusive to members of Club Tokyo Pop only hence is a particularly hard to find and rare collectible.

Sailor Moon #11 Jupiter

At the start of November 2021, the CGC census recorded only four copies of the "Special foil edition", which was also labelled "Club Tokyo Pop/Comicon '99 exclusive". The top recorded grade was 9.4 (near mint) with one copy grading 9.2 and two at 8.0.

Sailor Moon #11 Regular edition back cover

#1 SDCC 1998:
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#11 SDCC 1999:
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