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The Crow #1 First Print

Caliber Press, published date: February 1989.

2 Star Rating: Low Distribution 1,001-10,000 Low Dist.

Crow #1 by Caliber (Crow's second appearance): front Cover.

A year ago... A cold October night... A broken down car on a dirt road... A man... A girl... Madness... Pain... and the Shadows... My God, the Shadows!

Crow #1 by Caliber (Crow's second appearance): back Cover.

Crow #1 (second appearance of The Crow) follows on from the short Jim O'Barr Crow story "Inertia", published a month before in Caliber Presents #1. Note that there are three printings of The Crow #1, all noted in the indicia on the inside front cover:

  • 1st Printing, dated February 1989
  • 2nd Printing, dated October 1989
  • 3rd Printing, dated June 1990

Crow #1 Indicia and Ian Curtis tribute

The Crow is about loss, despair and revenge. O'Barr has mentioned many influences, such as Joy Division's Ian Curtis (who committed suicide in 1980) and, according to John Bergin, it was "a place for James to put all the rage and anger he felt at having someone he loved torn away...".

Crow #1: Inner page, memories and despair

At the end of October 2018, the CGC registry contained 381 recorded gradings of The Crow #1 with 34 at the top grade of 9.8 Near Mint / Mint (eight of those were on Signature Series labels and one on a Qualified label).

Crow #1: Tin Tin meets the crow

Despite this being the second appearance of The Crow, realized prices for The Crow #1 were a good percentage higher than Caliber Presents #1 at the time of writing.

The Crow #1 1st Print:
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Caliber Presents #1:
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