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Siege #3 Deadpool variant

Marvel Comics, March 2010.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Siege 3 Deadpool

The plot in Siege takes place after the Marvel-wide 'Dark Reign' storyline with Norman Osborn in place as the US security czar. In the series Loki manipulates Osborn into leading an all-out assault on Asgard.

This is a mini-series divided into four issues with the first issue being the biggest selling comic book in January 2010. There are a number of variants for issue 3 as follows:

The actual numbers for the Deadpool variant are a very rough estimate as retailers had to send Marvel 50 unsold issues of DC's Blackest Night crossover to get a single Siege #3 Deadpool variant!

Siege 3 Deadpool CGC 9.6

These are commanding high prices on eBay, with CGC 9.8 graded copies going for over $1,000!

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