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Eternal Warrior #27 VVSS
Signed & Embossed Edition

Collectability: 4 stars Valiant Comics, November 1994.

This is the rare Valiant Validated Signature Series (VVSS) of Eternal Warrior #27 signed by writer Ted Halsted, penciller Mike DeCarlo and inker John Ostrander:

Eternal Warrior #27 VVSS

The comic itself is from the same print run as the standard comic but, as well as being signed, it has been embossed with the Valiant VVSS seal on the cover.

Eternal Warrior #27 VVSS Seal

The comic also comes with a certificate of authenticity (C.O.A), which states that less than 1,000 of these special signed variants were produced:

Eternal Warrior #27 VVSS COA

Note that CGC don't differentiate between this variant and the standard comic (despite the embossing) and any comics graded will get a green, qualified label (as the signatures were not witnessed by CGC).

These comics very rarely come up for sale and are usually snapped up when they do so are very hard to get hold of.

Eternal Warrior #27 VVSS Signed & Embossed Edition:s
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