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Ms. Marvel #2
1:50 Molina Variant

Diamond Code: JAN140698 ; In Shops: 2014-03-19 ; SRP: $2.99.

Barcode: 759606079971 00221 ; Marvel Comics, May 2014.

3 Star Rating: Rare 101-1,000 Rare

Ms. Marvel #2 Molina Variant 1 in 50 Front Cover.jpg

This is the limited 1 for 50 Retailer Incentive variant of Ms. Marvel #2 with a sought after cover by Jorge Molina (interior art is by Adrian Alphona and the issue is written by G. Willow Wilson).

Ms. Marvel #2 Molina Variant 1 in 50 Back Cover.jpg

The 2014, the Ms. Marvel series had many issues with multiple re-prints: in late August 2014, #7, #5 second print, #4 second print and #1 sixth (!) printing were all on sale at the same time. #2 had three re-prints of the standard cover (see covers below with the first print having the red bar at the bottom) but had only the Molina 1:50 cover as a first print variant.

Ms. Marvel #2 Printings

In issue #1, a 16 year old Kamala Khan, after leaving a party, was left unconscious by the effects of the Terrigen Mists that enveloped Earth during the cross-series Infinity narrative (after Black Bolt activated the Terrigen bomb during his encounter with Thanos). In issue #2 Khan emerges from the mists and starts to discover her Inhuman abilities and her ordinary life suddenly becomes extraordinary.

Ms. Marvel #2 Last Panel

True to form CGC note the Molina 1:50 cover simply as the generic and descriptive "Variant Edition" and, in late February 2017, they had recorded 30 gradings with 11 in the top grade of 9.8.

Ms. Marvel #2 1:50 Molina Variant
Right now on eBay